When tools enslave

I’m not a luddite; I love technology and information-era tools. But I can’t help feeling that most people with smartphones are more addicted to their devices than they realize or care to admit….  And that’s kind of scary.

Having access to instant communication, real-time information exchange, entertainment and financial transaction services makes online life super-convenient. But considering that these devices didn’t exist ten years ago, it’s startling to know that most people would have a panic-attack if they had to go a day without their phone. Being ‘always connected’ has tethered us to pocket-sized screens and endless hours of taps and swipes.

People’s brains now crave — just like any addiction — the ‘dings’ and feedback of social media, and it’s been proven that younger generations, in their compulsive posting of selfies and checking for updates, have a real “fear of missing out” (FOMO).

This article on smartphone addiction is great — it’s lengthy, but it’s a worthwhile reminder that while technology can be amazing, we’re currently heading down a path where mobile devices are significantly affecting human relationships and our experience of life. And mostly, our tech-addiction isn’t helping — it’s hurting us.

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