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Karma Colonic is both a personal journey and a shared experience — just as all of life is.

Mikey - Hey there!Let me introduce myself: my name is Mike Bailey, and this blog is my way of sharing the thoughts and experiences I’m having in an ongoing journey toward a more authentic life.

Plenty of positive influences have brought me to this point in life — great friendships, relationships, school and work opportunities, nonprofit involvement and even contemplation of religious life — and now I’m at a place where I’ve come to one fundamental conclusion: the answers lie within.

That is, I believe that every human being is equipped with everything needed to experience a happy, fulfilling life. We just need to look within for direction. But this can only happen when we “silence” the competing distractions in our lives and listen more carefully to the wisdom inside.

A person can only reach full potential and be content when he or she is authentic and true-to-self. It’s that simple and that challenging: having the courage to “be yourself” is essential to unlocking your true talents and identity. Being authentic is the key to being happy.

Unfortunately, being authentic is something that’s very difficult to do in the often hierarchical, highly conformist society in which we live. Most people are afraid to stand out; it’s much easier to “blend in.”

Conformity & Consumerism -- the American way?Part of the problem with living in a society based on conformity and consumerism is that most individuals readily accept the cultural expectations and values that are placed on them — things they never freely chose. For example, “success” and “happiness” in the U.S. today are often defined more by advertising and commercial marketing than personal discernment of satisfaction.

This website hopes to serve as a much-needed “reality check” by being a mirror to what’s really important in a person’s life — and by helping to eliminate what’s not.

Karma Colonic is about ditching the unnecessary, leechy accretions of consumer culture. It’s also about leaving behind regret, guilt, fear, attachment and other self-imposed “blockages” to authentic living.

Life really isn’t about “keeping up with the Joneses” (whoever they are, and whatever it is they have!!!). And the “American Dream” should be more about freedom than the nightmarish slavery of constantly trying to acquire… and possess… and amass… and control…. It’s incessant madness.

And it’s not for me.

For me, life isn’t about “owning” or controlling anything… it’s about sharing everything and letting go. One of my Core Principles (and everybody’s are different) is that “everything is borrowed; nothing is owned.” With that in mind, it becomes easier to detach, declutter and simplify — because nothing is really ours to possess. We just get to use things in our short time here on this planet and, if we are consciously aware of the present moment, we can enjoy and be grateful for those experiences.

I want my life to be focused only on what really matters. Why would anyone want to waste time or emotional energies on anything else? And so I’m striving to simplify to the essential in physical, mental and spiritual spaces. For me, less is truly more.

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but…

Here’s a little secret: this entire blog project is an experiment. It’s a test to see if people’s lives can be transformed for the better. I certainly know that my own life is undergoing positive, life-renewing changes, and my bet is that by sharing these experiences openly, other people will also be radically changed.

So nix what I said about “don’t tell anyone.” Please… tell EVERYONE. It’s that important. People deserve to really live their lives and be free.

Go ahead -- take a step toward more authentic living.All it takes are a few simple but powerful shifts in perception. And every person has the power within to be happy, healthy and content — if we just allow our thoughts, feelings and beliefs to create this reality.

Luckily we’re never alone; we’re all in this together. Truth be told, our world needs a kind of “group purge” to get back on-track with reaching humanity’s true potential. And this collective transformation will only come about when each individual does his or her part to become a more focused, more authentic human being.

And it can happen — we just have to believe and act as if the transformation has already taken place.

So please take that crucial step in a life-affirming renewal of your own. It’s all up to you. As Mahatma Gandhi famously put it,

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”


In the scheme of things…Making a change, day by day

Karma Colonic covers a variety of topics and relevant subject matter, and each daily blog post briefly explores a particular area of interest.

In general, the “weekly cycle” of postings follows this plan:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Topics include simplifying, decluttering, detaching from negative influences — anything related to identifying and removing “blockages” from authentic, healthy living.

“Thankful Thursday” focuses in a particular way on awareness, appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness.

“Happy Friday” centers on happiness, joy, humor — the fulfilling, gratifying, satisfying aspects of life.

Saturday is devoted to “Earth Appreciation” — exploring our interconnectedness and interdependency with the planet where we live. The focus here is on environmental issues and how our efforts to “simplify” benefit our world.

“Shared Wisdom Sunday” gives YOU the opportunity to share your thoughts, reflections, experiences, observations, insights… and engage the discussion with the readers of Karma Colonic. To submit a blog entry (300 words or less) for consideration, just e-mail karmacolonic@gmail.com and put “Shared Wisdom Sunday” in the subject line.