Core Principles

Every life needs direction

Every life needs direction

Several “core principles” have become focal points in my life, and I thought I’d share them here in case you’re curious about “where I’m coming from” in developing this blog.

This is by no means an exhaustive or static listing; this collection of axioms changes as new experiences and insights present themselves and I’m able to recognize their value.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to condense this collection of maxims into a simplified expression of personal values and life-goals. (Click here and here for the work-in-progress.)

But for now, here they are…


In the end, it’s all about love.

Friendship is the highest form of love.

It’s also about freedom. Freedom is being the most authentic human being you can be.

Be yourself.


Either love or fear dominates our lives; fear is the antithesis of love.

But fear is also a great friend: it tells us exactly what we must do — what we must face and overcome.

Fear stems from worry about “missing out” — it’s concern over being excluded, isolated or disconnected somehow. Unhappiness derives from attachment and longing for permanence; it’s anxiety about potential loss or experiencing the unknown.

No fear: there’s grace/opportunity around every corner… something better will always come along.

Be uncomfortable being comfortable.

Face fear and overcome it. Passion and love conquer fear.

Passion shows you’re really alive.







Be still.

Let go.


Less is more — and more is less.

Simplifying to the essential is one of the highest achievements of human understanding and experience.

Simplicity is only possible after learning to trust.


Only acquire or use things you don’t mind losing.

Everything is borrowed; nothing is owned.


The only constant is change. Life is change.

Accepting impermanence leads to freedom.

Be comfortable with uncertainty.


Learning is the fundamental purpose of a human lifetime.

We learn from both joy and sorrow, which are inextricably linked. Laughter and tears are two sides of the same coin — they come from the same place.

Truth resonates internally — that which is true has the power to inspire.

Any progress is good progress.

Learn… and unlearn.


There is no past or future — only the present.

Here and now is all we have. Be aware of the present moment.

Live with constant awareness and gratitude.

True living requires an awareness of mortality.


We are what we think we are.

Our thoughts create reality; our perception is reality.

Everything is a miracle, yet nothing is supernatural — it’s just beyond our understanding.

Laughter = joy = happiness = life/living

Happiness = present awareness + gratitude

There is no bad pizza. 😉

Happiness is low expectations.

Attitude is everything.


Believe and experience transformation.

Be the change you seek.


It’s all about relationships.

We are part of a yin-yang universe where seemingly opposite elements give rise to each other; so “differences” are an illusion — they actually show the connection, complementarity and unity among everything that exists.

There is no “separate” or “individual” — we’re all profoundly interconnected and interdependent.

Though many, we are one.