Cleanse & Purge

Life is beautiful... when you take the time to notice.Get rid of what’s weighing you down!

It’s really not as bad as it sounds.

The idea of a “colonic” is simple: it’s a cleansing, a purging — getting rid of old, bad, even unhealthy stuff.

So many ironic parallels exist between “emptying one’s bowels” and spiritual renewal that the title of this blog, while slightly irreverent, is direct and appropriate. Karma Colonic hopes to be a “daily spiritual cleanse” that helps individuals live happier, healthier, more focused lives.

You can only be as good as you feel, and too many people in the world today are burdened or weighed-down by unnecessary “crap” in their lives. This could be in the form of things, thoughts, emotions, relationships… it doesn’t matter — it’s all clutter that prevents a person from reaching his or her true potential.

For many, the complexities of life have taken over, making human beings slaves of their own choices. People have become possessed by their possessions and have been imprisoned by their own thoughts and emotions.

And it’s time to break free.

You have the power to choose a simpler, more deliberate life;
you can decide to be the person you really want to be.

This website can help you along the way. Through short daily blog posts, a variety of ideas will surface that can help you gently “cleanse and purge” — by getting rid of the physical, mental and emotional crap that gets in the way. From piles of old clothes to deep-seated guilt, from unwillingness to let go of the past to fear of the future, Karma Colonic can help you dump the life-sapping stuff that’s holding you back.

It’s your life, and you deserve to make it the best it can be. Allow yourself to lose the garbage and focus only on what’s truly important to you.

So be brave. Take a risk. Let go of convention and fear — and finally be free.

Do yourself a favor, and give your own life a “karma colonic”…
because it’s great to be — and feel — alive!

Nature smiles with you...