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Karma Colonic offers a unique, direct, honest perspective on living life authentically.
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The fresh and humorously irreverent approach of Karma Colonic reflects a sincere belief that life should be a dynamic, joyful experience… a journey toward personal authenticity that I’m openly sharing through this blog.

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Everyone needs a goal in, umm, eliminating waste. (Showing a picture of a toilet here would have been completely inappropriate.)

The primary goal of this website is to explore important ideas and encourage meaningful, life-affirming discussion — because we’re all in this together as human beings, and we can all benefit from each others’ wisdom and experiences. And so YOUR help is needed to promote discussion and bring about positive change.

First and most importantly, please take time to engage the ideas presented through this site. I hope you find the content useful, and that this blog resonates as “true” in your heart and mind.

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The ideas presented on this website are freely shared in hopes that readers will personally benefit. That’s why this site exists: Karma Colonic is intended to be a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives.

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