Your Turn

YOU can renew your own life…
by purging the negative elements that hold you back.

Going around... coming around... it's YOUR TURN at the wheel!Put succinctly, karma means “what goes around comes around.” It’s a very simple concept — what you focus on in your life will be reflected back to you. What you “put out there,” whether in thought or action, gets bounced back. It’s the universal law of cause and effect: you get what you give.

People who bury themselves in worry and anxiety… or fear and trepidation… or anger and hatred… well, they experience these things firsthand. Not a big surprise! These individuals freely choose negativity in their outlook, and negativity returns to govern them.

But those who choose openness, compassion and contentment find themselves living happier lives that reflect these characteristics. It’s an amazing — or terrifying — thing: you create your own reality.

It’s also interesting how the physical world mirrors our internal disposition. Often outer clutter reflects inner clutter — the crap that saps our physical energies is an outward sign of emotional and mental “blockages” that must also be cleared. It’s garbage that gets in the way.

Trash negativity. RECYCLE GOODNESS!And it’s YOUR TURN to take out the trash.

Karma Colonic offers daily insights for helping you simplify your life and declutter physical and mental spaces. Some blog postings are pragmatic suggestions about how to reduce the amount of “stuff” in your life by focusing on the essential; others are reflective ideas about what it means to be a more authentic human being.

But changing one’s life involves more than just reading a blog and reflecting internally. It involves sharing with others — and it involves concrete action.

They say “actions speak louder than words”… and indeed they do. YOUR active participation in Karma Colonic is encouraged, in both word and deed. You are invited to engage the discussion by thinking about and acting on the ideas presented, and also by adding to the conversation by responding to daily blog posts.

Shared Wisdom Sunday

The beauty of a blog is that it can be a forum for discussion — and so your thoughts, ideas and experiences have the potential to help others and shape lives.

To this end, one blog posting a week is devoted solely to reader contributions: “Shared Wisdom Sunday” gives you the opportunity to share your insights, experiences and wisdom with others.

You are warmly invited to contribute to this weekly feature by submitting an original, short post for consideration. Just e-mail your post (no more than 300 words in length) to and put “Shared Wisdom Sunday” in the subject line. Please also indicate whether or not you’d like to be identified by name, should your entry be selected for publication.

So read, reflect, write, share… take action!

A happier, more authentic YOU awaits…